Hi, I am Magriet.

Online Marketing Strategist And Social Media Educator!

I teach business owners how to become the authority and go-to person in their market by using proven Instagram & Facebook marketing strategies to
attract and engage potential customers and turn them into RAVING FANS!

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I am a Leading Facebook & Instagram Marketing Expert and social media thought leader. I provide a range of highly sought after social media training programs suitable for beginners, as well as the more advanced marketer including social media agencies.  The training is practical and engaging and can be done from anywhere in the world. 


Discover a wealth of proven strategies,  and ideas that you can immediately implement in your business in order to increase brand awareness, engagement and turn more people into loyal and lifelong customers.



"Are you ready to master best kept secrets of social media and achieve amazing results for your business & brand?"


GRAM-IT Instagram & Facebook Online Training Academy

DOMINATE on Instagram & Facebook and build your own digital empire from scratch. The Facebook & Instagram Academy is The Complete 6-Week Intensive Program for Building a Profitable Business Online and getting clients. In this 6-weeks I will help you to get your first new client, and if you don't I will coach you until you get that client...


(EVEN if you have less than 1000 followers and are a beginner!)


Online Social Media Business Coaching

Apply for your one on one Business Coaching session with me, where we will discuss and identify a tailor made Social Media Marketing strategy for your business.


I make use of current proven strategies and trade secrets and when implemented and managed correctly will massively increase your business' online presence and as a result its revenue.  




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I love sharing FREE content on how you can use Social Media in your business on my IGTV channel on Instagram!. Expect weekly trainings, interviews, business + mindset Q&A's, and access other like-minded entrepreneurs who will encourage and inspire you to learn and implement.


Connect with me and let me know what YOU would like to know about Social Media and your business!


HELLO,have we met?

How I went from employee to social entrepreneur

(and now helping others do the same)...

I did not turn to Online Marketing because I hated my job. In fact, I loved my job (well, until much later…)!


I worked on the most exciting projects and met the most amazing people...


During my time in the corporate profession I was fortunate to work with some great businessmen and self-made millionaires, meeting high profile and driven individuals while carving out a very solid career for myself.

I however came to a point where I realised that I was giving the best years of my life to my employers... enriching them even further while my kids were at home pulling on the shortest end.


I was busy building someone else’s dream and needed to make a change...


The pivotal moment in my life came when I hired an Online Marketing Coach to help me take my "Side-Hustle" internet business to the next level in order for me to be able to fire my boss! 




Follow our community hashtag; #magrietenminki and join in the conversation. What a powerful combination, Magriet the expert educator and Minki the influencer. We are passionate about business and about empowering business owners & entrepreneurs to use Instagram to promote their businesses! 

We have done events all over and people flock to the events to see Magriet & Minki in action. There are lots of learning, laughing and connecting!


Join the Gram-it Instagram Training course which also includes 5 valuable sessions on Confidence on camera with Minki!



This has been such an amazing learning journey for me.

I thought I knew alot about social media but never realized I've been using it all wrong.


Thank you Magriet for teaching me to use social media effectively to benifit my business and to grow my business!



Beatrice De Klerk

Business Owner At

Vivid Design And Digital

Magriet's online course is really next level. Not only did it offer me the opportunity to start my own business, but I really learned a lot.


The best part is the support that she offers with the course, I do not think there is any other course offers this kind of support. 



Joalene Uys

Social Media Marketing Agency


Magriet was the organizer of Jenwil BlueStar Financial Advisory Services’ “SakeSlim” conference, with Volksblad as media partner. Through her excellent network we had an excellent team of entrepreneurs who was part of the panel discussion. Through her social media skills Jenwil attracted more than 300 business people who benefited from this ultra-professional conference she put together.

Rothea van Biljon

CFP® Managing Director Senior Financial Planner & Investment Specialist



Why creating your so called fake life on social media is not all that bad... here is why!

APRIL 4, 2019 

Why you should care less about LIKES!


MARCH 9, 2019


With the increase in exposure that social media has brought to each and every ordinary person on this planet, so also the number of critics have increased with their unforgiving and sometimes uneducated opinions. None more so than with the so-called “fake life” some users on Social Media create for themselves. 


No likes? No Problem!

How many hours have you spent waiting for people to like your posts on social media? Likes are the worst way to rate the success of your posts. Surprised to hear? Let me explain. If you are one of those who actually get 1000's of likes & shares, good on you (this blog post is not for you), but for the rest of the world... let me explain.

Magriet Groenewald is the Premier Facebook & Instagram Marketing Expert and social media thoughtleader.


She delivers a variety of the  effective and engaging social media training, consulting and thought-leadership in the industry.


Get in contact by sending hello@magrietgroenewald.com

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FREE pdf e-book on my best tips on growing your Instagram account and getting more engagement!

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