Schalk Bezuidenhout Reads Fairytales For Children... But not For Children At all. Adults Only.

Friday, 26 June - 20h15

Schalk Bezuidenhout reads fairytales for children... but not for children at all. Adults only.

Schalk Bezuidenhout is back with another show, mense! Well... it's not like he ever left. Where was he supposed to go? We're still in a lockdown. The only difference is now we have red wine.


In this second rendition of 'Schalk Bezuidenhout reads fairytales for children, but not for children at all. Adults only' Schalk will be reading Hansel and Gretel. A little boy and girl who get abandoned by their mother in the woods and then they find a candy house that's owned by an evil witch. Nice, wholesome content for the whole family... except the kids. 

This might be the last live online show for a while. Yes, we're still in Level 3, but Schalk has been noticing that people are jolling and having braais like there was never a virus in the first place! It's like Corona Plett Rage in some parts of the country! Things are going back to normal and fast! 

(unless oom Cyril sends us back to Level 5 again, in which case Schalk better start writing!)

So get your ticket for this show and then who knows? The next show you see Schalk at might be live! 

Please get your tickets early to avoid disappointment. 


Friday, 26 June - 20h15

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Yes, mense, the system can only handle so much (like a tired mother). There IS a limit and tickets WILL sell out so please book sooner rather than later so that you don't slide into my  DMs in a panic. I can't help you.  


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